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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential part of your Internet marketing because without it, your website won’t be found in search engine results. But with good quality SEO, your website will rank highly for targeted keyword phrases that your customers are using to search for your business in search engines – increasing your website traffic and attracting potential clients.

To ensure you have the best return on your investment, SEO Tonic has developed the following 5-step search engine optimisation process:

1) Research

After an initial meeting with you, we’ll research the most relevant and highly searched key phrases to target for your business. We’ll do this based on the particular products and services you offer, and your geographical location.

2) Re-write

This stage involves the re-writing of your existing web page content to incorporate the most relevant and highly searched key phrases.Our team of professional copywriters will ensure your keywords are included naturally without interrupting the flow of text.

 3) Server set up

Having your server set up correctly can make a huge difference to your search engine compatibility. We’ll make the appropriate checks and changes to ensure your website is 100 per cent search engine-friendly

 4) Search engines

Here we’ll make sure your site has been correctly set up with search engines. We’ll identify if your website has been submitted (indexed) and will re- submit it where necessary to ensure the best results.

 5) Monthly white-hat link building

Because the one-off optimisation of your site is not enough to establish high search engine rankings, we’ll ensure that your site has a “natural growth of back links” to keep your SEO and website traffic at a consistently good level.

This involves us finding similar sites to yours that do not compete against you, and requesting links to your website from theirs. The more good links to your site (a link to your site is seen by Google as a vote for your website from the site the link comes from), the higher it will rank for a variety of keywords that relate to your website’s products and services.

Monthly Reporting

As part of our services, SEO Tonic will provide you with a monthly report outlining the number of links or articles submitted. We will also supply a monthly report indicating your updated rankings in search engines.

Please note that because there is no quick fix for increasing your rankings on search engines,SEO Tonic only offers these campaigns over a 3-month term.


The cost of our search engine optimisation packages vary based on the keywords targeted. Our pricing starts from a one-off fee of $365.00 plus GST,and on an on-going basis from $100.00 plus GST per month.

SEO Tonic is an SEO company you can trust

As a customer of ours, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a reliable, Kiwi-owned and operated business using legitimate, white-hat SEO techniques.

A number of other SEO companies promise specific ranking guarantees and use black-hat SEO techniques – something reputable SEO companies won’t do. But at SEO Tonic, we’ll use proven, white-hat SEO techniques to ensure the best search engine ranking possible for your business. We use specific keywords targeted towards your audience, and can guarantee exclusivity on phrases – that means we won’t promote the same keywords for multiple clients.

At SEO Tonic, we don’t make promises we can’t keep, or promises that aren’t in your best interest. What we can guarantee is; if you receive no improvement to your search engine ranking, we’ll offer you a full refund. Sound good? Why not contact us for a free quote.

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To find out more about how SEO Tonic’s search engine optimisation services can benefit your business, just take a look at our testimonials  or contact us now to find out more.

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